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First timers in Fife

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 8:29 pm
by Inmyowntime
We haven't walked in Fife before, but we fancied trying somewhere new and the forecast looked pretty good around Falkland.

Initially we missed the correct turning for the carpark, turning off too early, but we soon found the narrow road up to the spacious carpark. We arrived about 10am and there were already a few walkers about.

We were pleased at the conditions underfoot - a very clear path, only a little ice or water and the ground fairly hard. There were only a couple of smatterings of snow left on the hill itself.

At the foot of the hill, we were a bit naughty and thought we'd try the steep, direct path up the hill rather than take the recommended route on the main path. This was partly as we'd seen others scamper up and partly to give ourselves more of a workout. Bad idea ! We got about a third of the way up and there was a distinct lack of footholes and only steep, icy surface which had me slipping. We retreated, lesson learned.

In any case, the views round the longer way were fantastic.


A steepish final section and we were up at the cairns. It was very windy, but took some shelter in the cairns for a hot drink. The views in all directions were really so worth the effort. Much better than I'd expected.


We had a nice chat with a local couple there who gave us some advice on other Fife hills....including a recommendation to take on East Lomond Hill as well on this visit.

As we aren't very experienced walkers, and just building up the legs, we took their tip to drive over to the far side of East Lomond Hill after we finished this walk. It meant it was only about 20 minutes up and down East Lomond Hill. It was SO windy, but again so well worth the extra bit effort for more good views and a bit more exercise.

Here's me at the trig point, pointing back to our first hill of the day, West Lomond.


It was a lovely day out. Maybe we'll do the longer route for the two hills another time. I definitely fancy trying out the other Fife Marilyns too.