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Beinn Dorain and Beinn an Dothaidh

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2016 5:07 pm
by Somerled87
First time with the new ice axe. Picked it up off a guy in Bonnybridge who was selling on Gumtree at half past 9 and immediately hit the road for Bridge of Orchy.

Heavy snow falling for a lot of the drive up after rain and clouds in the central belt. Started to clear after the bealach at Glen Ogle at the top of the hill going down to Lix Toll.

Was hopeful by the time I left Tyndrum, the opaque but unmistakeable form of Beinn Dorain up ahead. Detour to Bonnybridge meant not starting until 1120, much later than I'm comfortable with for the time of year.

[Insert poetry quote here]

Very windy on the way up especially in the corrie and onto the bealach, but clear. From Carn Sassanaich the wind dropped down considerably, the views began to really open out and the sky began to lighten, with lots of blue. The snow made the summit look a long way away and we estimated it would take us 30 mins to get there. It must have been all the white playing with our depth perception, because we were there in under 10. Enjoyed getting to grips with the ice axe - had fun. 2.30pm at the top. Made the summit with a nice couple from England, took some pictures. Armed with clearing skies to the prevailing east and new scepticism for things that looked further away than they were I decided to go for Beinn an Dothaidh. It was very difficult and took twice as long as I hoped. Very deep snow and I wasn't used to my legs being so tired. Ice cubes floating in my water bottle. Made the top at 4.20pm and set off back across the endless field of snow to the bealach. Nice and calm back in the corrie, made a nice change from the way up.


Back to the car at 6, by which time it was getting dark. Wouldn't want to be out any longer. Very pleased with my first real foray into walking under winter conditions. Better views than I got most of last summer!