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Larg hill Tarmachan and Moorbrock

PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:49 pm
by Benaden887
Sat saw a repeat of larg hill and lamachan via the forrest drive from auchinlech bridge.
On top in just over an hour I rue the previous slog up the caldrons burn - the weather bright with sun - with odd banks of deep snow I followed the wall to lamachans jumble of rocks decided to head down and pick up moorbrock hill on the way home. The OS map is wrong - the route to moorbrock farm - that was - now a spruce residence - starts not at craigengillan cottage but GR640952 - a headon course found tussock grass and a laboured ascent when it may have been better to follow the track round - still I dun it and came down quicker than I went up - rain starting - nowt much to see - sheep and more sheep - deer and bird song - a dipper at the river falls and three folk - still havn`t heard a cuckoo this year.