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Ettrick pen an all

PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 2:44 pm
by Benaden887
Friday 11Oct Day two - Ettrick Glen - working here building new logging tracks with heavy earth moving equipment. Head to Phawhope bothy for a looksee then did the round of Ettrick Pen - Wind Fell - LochFell - crossing the SUW for Croft Head - Chapel Fell and on to join the right of way from Moffat glen to Potburn and the car. A cold driech start gave way to sun in the afternoon. Seen enroute over the two days - sheep, pheasants, grouse and quail on the lower slopes on day one. At Kelsocleugh farm a diversion track skirts a wooded area that has a fence of high netting placed around the base - a rearing ground for game birds - on reaching the passing gate I saw a young sparrowhawk on the ground against the net with a wing splayed out, obviously hurt. I dropped my sack intending to throw my jacket over the bird - then seek assistance, but it skittered past me into dense bracken that covered the slope and was gone. Being I hadn`t seen anyone at the two farms I`d passed and given the stock they were breeding, I reasoned there would be little help in the way of saving the bird and so let nature take its course - but it put a real damper on my day. Nice views below the clag but higher up, little to see bar for the two guys at the Cheviot who loomed out the mist looking as wet as I did. Day two, spooked a deer from the woods on the way up and saw it later in the corrie still bounding away from me - two hillrunners racing up Croft head and the site workers bringing more rock for the roads, but mostly I had the hills to myself, so enjoyed the solitude and really the weather is only bad if you`re not dressed for it