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5 for the price of 2

PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:23 am
by bigeffindavie
Beinn Ghlas and Ben Lawers were far easier than expected, with us reaching the top of Lawers in 2.5 hours.
With considerably less snow than we seen up Chonzie last week and the speed we had completed the planned munros for the day, we decided to stomp on and see how we got on with An Stuc. A good long hike and some reasonably straight forward terrain got us to the top of that.

We knew to expect rough terrain on the far side of An Stuc and, on inspection, confirmed it looked a horrific descent but the thought of re-crossing Lawers again was a daunting thought, when 2 unconquered munros could be bagged for similar effort.
A dillema..... but the descent down the north end of An Stuc just looked too steep and the decision was taken to head back the way we came.

As we sat eating our lunch a fine fellow approached from the north. He had just ascended from Meall Garbh and pointed us in the direction of a walkable descent down to our right which we hadn't spotted. Music to our ears and enough to convince us to march on to take the last 2. The descent was steep but only just borderline sxrambling. It was just a case of finding the right route, which hadn't been apparent to us in the first place.

We met back up with a trio of walkers we had met briefly before, who had offered us a run back to our cars if we decided to head straight over all 5, as they were doing. (Cheers guys)

Meall Garbh/Greigh are both fairly straight forward munros and made for a fine end to a braw days munsxrambling and doubles our munro tally from 5 to 10. No bad for a days work.