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Geal Charn before the clocks change

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:47 pm
by craigthe5th
For bagging number 14 we wanted to go fairly local and a grade 3 - Geal Charn it is!

A short hour and 20 mins drive we were at the Garva Bridge ready to go. It was the kind of day where the water proofs go on before we even start! Although we had light rain a couple of times the weather was kind compared to what was forecast.

Anyway on we go following our map, compass and the instructions provided by We got lost! If anyone reads this...don't just follow the road next to the pylons!

Anyway...back on track...

The walk up next to the river was very very boggy due to the snow melting and the rain over the previous days. This also made crossing the stream really difficult. Still, got over it and it was onwards and upwards to the summit.

It was a nice walk up with lovely views when looking back. Did'nt take overly long to get to the top, around 3 hours I think. Due to cloud there were no views up the top which was a shame but still happy never the less to get number 14 done and dusted.

A 2 hour walk back down got us back to the car and off home. Now the clocks have changed to BST we can get planning the longer walks - just bring me nicer weather!!

Half way up looking back