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Ben Venue

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:53 am
by harkinchristopher
After sore legs completing the Glen Lyon horseshoe the week before, decided to take it slightly easier and focus on a Graham this week - had been fancying Ben Venue for a while so happy to finally give it a crack.

After parking up at the Ben Venue car park (luckily the ticket machine for the car park takes card payments otherwise I wouldn't have been able to pay the £3!) we set off up the path to start the walk in.

Well Signed!

The route was pretty well sign-posted so no need for any mapreading/GPS today. There were plenty of people attempting the walk too. A couple of steep sections of the path later and soon we were out onto the open track. I guess previously the forest cover would have lasted a lot longer but there had clearly been considerable tree felling.

Trees Down

Plodding on we soon started to gain height and the views back started to open up.

We were too slow for him!


After a steeper section we soon made our way up to the summit. It was starting to get pretty chilly by this point - hat and gloves on. Grabbed a quick lunch at the true summit before heading over to the lower 'summit' for much better views of Loch Katrine and the surrounding hills.

Regretting running up the hill

Second 'Summit'

After this the descent was pretty straight forward and quick. I was surprised at how many people seemed to be starting the walk as we were descending (it was around 3pm).

A quick wash of some muddy dogs in the river later and we were back and the car park heading for home.