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Carn na Caim before the storm

PostPosted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 1:09 pm
by kevsbald
The forecast was awful. A profound low was sweeping in from the Atlantic but Big Al, Gav, Shaz and myself all decided to head North and take in Carn na Caim and its neighbour. On the way up, Big Al impressed us all with his new iPhone, which had everything. An iPint, iTunes and even an iRight battery. When we parked up just South of Dalwhinnie, there was no sign of the inclement weather so we all strode up the land rover track with great purpose. It wasn't long before we were high above the A9, surveying all before us. Including a rather ominous storm. Within minutes, we were heading for the col in blizzard conditions and took a compass reading for Carn na Caim. A brief lull in the storm allowed us to double-check our bearings and we strode on towards the summit. However, once again the weather deteriorated - could this be the 'Thundersnow' Gav had promised us? In truth, we found the cairn by good compass work and no little luck and Big Al uttered his words of wisdom "Let's get the f**k off this hill." Photos of the situation are attached. Just look at that face of pain on our intrepid explorers. Furthermore, contrary to reports, Carn na Caim is no boring hill. Just look at that summit ridge in the background. Our descent was relatively quick although Shaz twisted her knee and it was only due to the orthopaedic handiwork of Gav, that she was able to resume. We got back to the car before the 'Thunderdrizzle' started and headed home in the knowledge that Big Al's iPhone was iGubbed but his sense of humour still intact. Next up for this motley crew? The Aonach Eagach!

Re: Carn na Caim before the storm

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2009 6:02 am
by maddjock
igood report :lol: