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Appropriate discretion for 3 Hot, wintery Munroes

PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2016 11:09 pm
by Markie208
We planned for six,
but got only three.
Late spring snow,
brought discretion to be.

That said, the approach,
from lower than most.
meant that at Broad cairn,
we weren't first past the post.

While he went on North,
we elected right then,
to head to the west,
and Tolmount and then..?

We left options open,
for knees to decide,
To keep bagging M's,
or retreat, and hide.

Crossing the saddle,
All going well,
Fairly marched up Tolmount,
for our first chat as well.

They came from Glenshee,
Trecking in from the pass,
the pistes being silent
with just too much grass.

Then following them off,
with a social head start.
a welcome game we commenced,
just like Wensless (las). :wink:

This was the clincher,
knees singing now.
Tom Buide made it clear,
Time for discretion was now.

Mayer, though appealing,
was too much to ask.
and twas time to drop down to
the old scottish pass.

On reaching Jocks Road,
A brief hunt ensued.
For the Shelter in memory,
of five who circumed.

On the home bound track now,
but still K's to go,
only half regretting,
on leaving the snow.

Though the pine woods,
and the pace picking up,
enjoying the thought,
of reaching the truck.

A comfortable seat,
bags off the back,
boots off the feet,
and saving the track.

GPS off,
a quick coffee,
then home, to the wife, the kids,
and hot tea.

So we went out for six and got only three,
But perfect weather and great company,
what more can one ask of mountains in spring,
but snow and sunburn, and great walking.