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Meall na Leitreach & The Sow of Atholl

PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2016 8:06 pm
by colinwatson
I took advantage of the current spell of good weather and headed up the A9 to Drumochter. Left the main road at the Dalnaspidal sign and parked just shy of the level crossing. A beautiful, clear, spring morning.

Through the level crossing and headed towards the bridge over the Garry. Quite a number of lapwings buzzing about.

2016-05-12 08.12.41 (640x428).jpg
The Sow of Atholl from just past the level crossing

I decided to head to Meall na Leitreach first and found a peaty vehicle track leading up to the hill. This saved a bit of effort bashing through heather and led up to the top of the burn flowing north east from the plateau. The track went all of the way over the ring contour and to within 100 metres of the summit - skirting it just to the north. Once I arrived on the plateau, the views really opened out - Schiehallion and Glen Lyon to the south, the Drumochter hills to the east and the Dalnaspidal hills just across the loch.

Took advantage of the good weather to have a lengthy break at the cairn.

2016-05-12 09.24.02 (640x428).jpg
At the top of Meall na Leithreach

2016-05-12 09.24.35 (640x428).jpg
Looking south to Schiehallion

Headed back down by the same route - easy going on the dry, peat track.

2016-05-12 10.18.45 (640x428).jpg
Looking north on the descent

2016-05-12 10.26.34 (640x428).jpg
Heading to the Sow of Atholl

2016-05-12 10.36.37 (640x428).jpg
Sgairneach Mhor from Loch Garry

Once over the bridge, I headed to the Sow of Atholl, following the new track heading north west (not marked on the map). I then took a fairly direct line through the moraines and on through short heather to the summit. A straightforward ascent.

2016-05-12 11.55.47 (640x428).jpg
Drumochter Pass from the Sow of Atholl

2016-05-12 11.56.08 (640x428).jpg
The A9 munros (east)

2016-05-12 11.56.58 (640x428).jpg
The A9 munros (west)

2016-05-12 12.21.49 (640x428).jpg
Looking south from the Sow of Atholl

Again, straight back down the way I came up - easy underfoot. Then I picked up the unmarked track leading back to the car.

2016-05-12 12.51.14 (640x428).jpg
Meall na Leithreach

2016-05-12 13.08.37 (640x428).jpg
Looking up to Drumochter from near the level crossing

Great day out in beautiful weather. Also back early enough to miss the traffic on the way home!