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Pap and Fiannaidh

PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2016 11:23 am
by Ian Bayne
Day 2 . The pap and Sgorr nann Fiannaidh Walked along the road from the camp to the start but a herd of coos had a different idea about us going thru their field saw apath about 200yrds back and took that route a path takes you right up to the beallach then a nice wee scramble to the top 2hrs. From the top I could pick out the route to Fiannaidh . Another good day not as warm as the day before, a chilly wind but clear and dry
It took us about 1.5hrs to reach the ridge and a short walk to the cairn once more great views Bidean the moor and the ridge . (to much of a coward to do that) . Stayed up there for about 30min then decided to head back at the top of the ridge I decided to take a different route back mistake there is a track that branches off to the left which takes you to right hand side of the Clachaig gully by the time I followed the path down to far in loose rock shale and a couple of scrambly bits Jake managed it allright but had to manhandle Pip down a few bits probably the worst descent I have ever done . Thankfully got to the Clachaig a beer than a walk back to the campsite then another beer Job Done.