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Bike & Hike Creag Mhor

PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2016 8:53 am
by dan_miriam

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Bike & Hike Creag Mhor

Started from the car park (where there is a sign saying you cannot park after this point). Cycled along the road for about a kilometre and then turned right up the gated road. Up a few hairpins and then turned left off the road onto a track which then contoured around into the glen. Saw a huge pipe from the hydro-scheme, which D suggested would make a great flume!

After many many gates we arrived at the point to leave our bikes and set off up the hill. We followed the fence initially until it went through a gate, then we crossed a burn (not marked on the 25k map) and followed the right-hand bank of the burn up very steep ground and crags. The grass was covered in dew and a bit slippy, so at this point I was wondering how we were going to get down the steep bits safely on the way back.

After 2 sets of very steep crags, the ground eases and we found a path (as marked on the map). This section of the walk is really nice, all the way up to the summit, and very welcome after the initial difficulties.

Found a concrete block with a metal pipe, not long before the top, and couldn't quite work out what it was?

At the top, there was a bit of mist swirling, but after a few minutes, it cleared, and we got a wonderful view of Loch Lyon and the hills beyond. There is a big cairn at the top.

Descent was the same way for the walk, although the grass had dried when the sun came out in the afternoon, so we descended the steep bit relatively easily.

Back at the bikes, we decided to take the lower path at the bottom of the glen , and in fact there was only one gate (hoorah!), which made going much easier.