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All day at the Cobbler and Ben ime

PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2016 9:46 am
by mvapesuk
After recently moving to this wonderful part of the country, we decided to walk to ben ime stopping of at the cobbler on the way. (ben ime is the tallest local mountain to us)
This was our first major walk up a corbet and Monroe, we had previously walked up some smaller mountains near our home that are about 400 to 500meters and neither of us had done a long walk over 3 or 4 miles.
The weather was perfect not to hot a few clouds often clearing and great views for many miles.
So we set of from home near Furnace in the morning and arrived at the Succoth car park about 10am it was fairly busy as to be expected on a good weather bank holiday weekend but we found a parking place and paid our £1 for all day parking! absolute bargain as down south £1 gets you about 5 mins of parking lol.
We set of up the easy path across the road.

our_route.gpx Open full screen  NB: Walkhighlands is not responsible for the accuracy of gpx files in users posts

The first part of the walk is a stoney path that winds back and forth through the forest there are flat parts and some steeper parts but nothing to challenging.
Eventually the path opens out and you get to see your first look at the surrounding mountains in front of you.
Passing some very cool looking boulders on the way, we stopped and had a look at them wishing we brought our chalk and climbing shoes to do a spot of bouldering. we both stood there picking out routes on the boulders and smiling. (maybe next time)
We carried on up the path enjoying the stones and steps along the way, someone did some major engineering and work to create a path and i think many people must take it for granted, i think its nice to appreciate the hard work someone put in so the rest of us can enjoy it.

Eventually we reached the fork in the path at the base of the Cobbler so we turned left and started the accent up the Cobbler, the path quickly turned into a free for all route up some very steep boulders and rocks before turning back into a more recognisable path, we both really enjoyed the steep scramble up the rocks more our sort of thing. Eventually we reached the top of the Cobbler and took the customary photo's and added a stone to the pile. It was certainly alot cooler up the top with the wind chill as well, so we found a sheltered part and sat down for a quick bite to eat and a drink before setting off again.
After our food and drink we headed round and down the other side of the cobbler to rejoin a main foot path back down to the flat bit in between all the mountains, this path had many steps and was quite busy with people coming up.
Once at the bottom of the cobbler we followed the path through a gate and started our accent up ben ime.
By this time my poor old knee's were starting to play up and ache but we carried on. the path was a bit boggy in places but gortex boots saved us from getting wet feet.
Eventually we reached the top of Ben ime and again took the customary pictures and added a stone to the pile,
The view from up here was just incredible and certainly well worth the climb.
We walked over to the side that overlooks the long straight road in the valley and found a sheltered spot to sit and have the rest of our lunch, bringing a flask of coffee was also such a welcoming thing.

After a rest and food we had a little look around the north face, it was then i discovered the last of the remaining snow! of course i had to check it out being a snow fan!, so we scrambled down the north face and traversed along to the first of two snow sections, the second snow section was bigger and were it had melted away from the rocks i was able to walk in behind it, this allowed me to see it was still 1.8meters deep! I was very impressed with my Salomon x alp mtn boots as i needed to do some pointing and digging in to climb up the snow.

After exploring the snow we headed back up and rejoined the main path and headed back down ben ime.
Our return walk was back along the same path we came up but obviously not going back up the cobbler.
We returned to the car at about 6pm very happy but also very tied with sore legs.
The route we took from start to finish was about 11 miles! and boy do me knees know about it, 11miles isnt to bad but 11 miles up and down some mountains really does make the old legs ache!
A great day out highly recommend.
Matt and Sarah

Re: All day at the Cobbler and Ben ime

PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2016 3:42 pm
by yellowbelly
Just bought a pair of those Salomons. Hope the traction is as good as yours on photo 4. :D