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Cairnie Hill & Mount Hill

PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:04 am
by dgcampbell
Cairnie Hill from Woodmill Mains
4.6km 2.9 miles; 1hr 15min; Summit 228m 748ft; Ascent GPS 140m 472ft

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Left early and parked by the telecomms mast at NO272155 by 8:50am. Overcast but dry and headed off aiming to follow the route marked by superstar_tradesman on his run up Cairnie Hill last summer. After the initial steep rise....

Initial ascent

Its an easy walk to the top of hill and I got to the summit rock after ducking through a few trees;

Summit rock with no views

I do think the gorse bush looks higher but wasn’t going to stand on that.
Just after leaving here I surprised a deer of some kind that went off in a hurry through the trees, not waiting long enough to give me a good look.

Lindores Loch

After this view I crossed over to go Eastwards downhill and made the poor choice of entering a field of heifers. They looked uninterested at first but once I was in their field they were intensely curious and I detoured over a nearby gate in what probably counted as indecent haste, before going round the field boundary on the more peaceful side of the fence. A farm track led back to road and the car parked at the side. It took me longer than 35min [75min in fact] and I never tried running, even when being pursued by the cattle!

Then on to the next stop for a walk to the Hope Monument.

Mount Hill from NO339159
3.5km 2.2 miles; 45min; Summit 221m 725ft; Ascent GPS 110m 350ft

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Parked the car as suggested by McMole, April this year, then I pretty much followed the very straightforward and signposted track.
Easy woodland walking all the way up, sheep and lambs all around at one point.

After the sheep had moved off

Slightly odd was the echoing voice in the background from the PA system at a Vintage car rally outside Cupar, odd snatches of sentences kept drifting over on the wind.
I did have to go halfway round the top as expected to enter through the gate in the deer fence.

Hopetoun Monument

Although there was low cloud at least I could see the whole of the Monument and its solid looking doorway. Then quickly back down the same route to the start and the end of the morning’s exercise.