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PostPosted: Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:08 pm
by tilley hemp th5
Schiehallion was very busy. large path most of the way...then into the mist !!!! weather improved later so saw some of the views. 4 hours and ten minutes........ 2 hours to top (about 10 min of stops) weather improved on way down so had a long 30 min lunch and photo break. met 2 guys who went up in 1 hour 30 min then ran down in 30 minutes.... impressed i definately was...those days long behind me now.........
more like lake district than scotland in terms of people on the hill......busy !!!!

morning of 29th july on Schiehallion. Ptarmigan flew up in front of me about 10 metres away. only seen them in winter white before so this was a real treat to see the heavily camouflaged large bird take off. looked just like a boulder taking off (speckled grey) !!!!
walker a little behind me asked what it was as he had never seen one in the flesh......
made up for the misty summit (almost).

brownish grey (white) hares running about in the same area just below the first boulder field. it was raining at this stage of the walk so camera was in ruckack unfortunately.
also saw a few grouse flying around ...must be getting near 12th august !!!!
Parking fee of £2......................
Promise of a good viewing day.......not to be !!!!
Dont forget to pay the parking fee...... £2
Start of boulder field
Another misty scottish summit !!!
Mist and cloud lifting on way down.....Loch Rannoch......Glencoe in the far distance
Loch Tummel