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A gloomy day on Beinn Eighe

PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 8:19 pm
by jamesb63

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Day 2 in Torridon and the weather gods had departed and left a cloak of clag
hanging over all the hills :(
I will say though it is great just to drive 5 mins to the start of such famous walks :D
so I set of from the carpark at the finishing point to walk along to the start
Today only jake was with me as Brin was limping after Beinn Alligin the previous day
we were quickly along the road to the start and there was no cars in the first carpark
and only a camper van at the start so it certainly looked like I would meet no-one
unless they were going clockwise on the walk

Heading along to the start of the walk

just starting the ascent looking back to the start

Looking to Loch Clair

About halfway on the ascent nearing the Kingdom of gloom the CLAG

Looking at Beinn Eighe the day before it looked awful steep
but once on the path I for the going easy enough so it only took about an hour
to reach the small cairn on the ridge
From here it was a right turn to head along to Spidean Coire Nan Clach

Jake at the first summit Spidean Coire nan Clach

The wind was very strong on the tops and to add to it it was now driving in rain
all adding to the gloom that enveloped us all around
I would love to say the views were awesome but alas this was not to be
after the great weather we had for weeks before :(
so I was not hanging around and on reaching the cairn at Coinneach Mhor
took a bearing for Ruadh Stac Mor
I left my bag at the descent into Coire Mhic Fhearchair
and started the ascent to Rhuadh Stac Mor ,walking along jake suddenly stopped and was staring
the his left I sthe noticed a Ptarmigan and her brood lying among the stones
we walked 2 metres from them and she never moved
then about 100yds further on he done the same again and it was another with her brood
they were all scarpering for a bit of cover
With these 2 distractions adding to the walk we reached the summit of Ruadh Stac Mor

Ruadh Stac Mor Summit

With still nothing to see we just about turned and headed back to pick up my bag
and descent into Coire Mhic Fhearchair
On keeping to the right is was good going on the stepped rocks
Then went straight over the boulderfield to the end of Loch Coire Mhic Fhearchair

Loch Coire Mhic Fhearchair

Triple Buttress for what can be seen

My walking partner

Now headed along the end of the loch to the path for the long walk back to the car
at least the rain was of down here and it is a well maintained path
The national trust really do some sterling work on the upkeep of the paths in Torridon
I bumped into the first walkers of the day here and it was 2 lads who were doing the Cape Wrath Trail
fair play to them its a BIG walk to take on

Waterfalls coming from Loch Coire Mhic Fhearchair


Very strange rock on the way back looks like a fossilised Elephant seal lol

Had a short break here to have a bit fruit and some water gave Jake some aswell
then continued along on our way soon back to the car where there was now a number of cars just arriving
Now for the 5 minute drive back to base for a well earned Breakfast :D

Re: A gloomy day on Beinn Eighe

PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 8:38 pm
by mrssanta
Love the pic of Jake in front of the Triple Buttress

Re: A gloomy day on Beinn Eighe

PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:59 pm
by jamesb63
mrssanta wrote:Love the pic of Jake in front of the Triple Buttress

Thankyou for the comment he is a bit of a poser :lol: :lol: