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Walk with my boy Roan (9 years old)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:15 am
by allanroan
About time my boy and I went to walk some Munros, and after planning, we headed up late and went to the Ski Centre below Carn Aosda. Dur to thundery showers, we left the house at 1130hrs, drove up the M90, and got to the car park at 1320hrs.
Kit on, we set off and walked up to Carn Aosda, Roan was as usual, slow to begin, then when we reached the summit carin, he was happy, and the views were good. 8)
A quick snack and drink, then we headed towards Carn a Gheoigh. At the track junction with the loch on our right, I decided to skirt the hill side and gp ip to the cairn above the two lochans, the views were teriffic, but to the south were the dark clouds. A we got to the second lochan, I stopped to get a drink, cheched the map and made a compass bearing to Carn a Gheoidh. :shock: Thunder!! Roan got scared. We were only 1.5km appx to the next munro, Carn a Gheoidh. With possible lightning according to MWIS, I decided to retrace our steps to the track which goes to The Cairnwell. We swiftly skirted below any high ground and made it to the track. On our way we seen the Ptarmigan and two mountain hares :D
We decided to walk past the ski lifts to the top of the Cairnwell where Roan got his medal for his special achievement. This was Roans 4th Munro :clap: :clap:
IMG_5417 medal.JPG

His first munro was Ben Lomond on 9th November 2014, and Schihallion on 15th August 2015.
As we left the top of Cairnwell there was a big shower of sleet for 5-10 mins, we headed down past an emergency shelter, and as we went down past the hut and ski lifts we eat most of our jelly snakes, and was at the car park in no time.
At the car we eat some of our snacks, had my coffee. Roan told me he felt proud of his walk, I thought it was great for him to say that :lol:
We headed back home about 1745, and he fell asleep from Blairgowrie to home. He wanted chips for tea, and before we were at the house, we stopped off for chips :)
I look forward to our next walk in the Munros' next month on his school holidays.

Re: Walk with my boy Roan (9 years old)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:16 pm
by mrssanta
Well done Roan, and a good call to get away from the thunder.

Re: Walk with my boy Roan (9 years old)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:27 pm
by Alteknacker
Great stuff Roan. I have something similar planned for my grandson - also 9 years old - for this summer. Not sure about a medal though...