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Toll and Tom with mixed feelings

PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:59 pm
by Amyren
With the forecast looking half decent, I took a last minute turn up Glen Affric. Didn't feel like I had much in the tank after a weekend of wedding celebrations so thought I'd take the bike for the first few km which sounded like decent forestry track.
This is the main reason I write this report as apart from this, the route is very much as described. Right now (July '16) they are making a road up the existing track using dumpers and large tracked diggers making my bright idea of cycling turn into pedalling through ankle deep, rutted treacle.

Once past this it feels much more "wilderness" again and the ascent to Tom a Choinich is steep enough to reward you with impressive views fairly quickly, easy ascent to Toll Creagach and a mossy, heathery soft descent back to the path for the return journey made this a really enjoyable little walk, if the weather hadn't come in and obscured the views from the second Munro it would have been a perfect walk in terms of distance/ difficulty vs. Reward.