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B. Ime by the direct route. A random day?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:02 am
by JimboJim
Been a while since I did this one, but remember that feeling of needing to get out, though weather wasn't looking too favourable. Chewed over a few route options around Arrochar, but left options open as I headed from home. Tend to be somewhat impulsive and indecisive :D

En route, thought I might tackle Beinn Ime from Butterbridge, perhaps this time via Bealach a' Mhargaidh, although I may have also entertained a daft notion to just see what it would be like, tackled head on :) So, I set off, up the side of the Allt Beinn Ime, before turning south into the corrie between Ime and Luibhean. Top of Beinn Ime was just about clear and eyes were fixed on the western face, looking for likely way up, while wondering inside, if this was really a wise move, especially being on my own. It looks quite steep near the top, but sometimes things aren't as steep once you are close up :?:
Arrochar Loop 104_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
From the start/end point.
Arrochar Loop 011_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
Looking up. Doesn't look that steep!
Arrochar Loop 016_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
Looking down. Doesn't look that steep!

Always comes a point when one has to decide and eventually opted to 'suck it and see,' choosing to keep to the left of the main cleft rising high, up the centre of the hill. It soon turned steep and was hard going, up the grassy slopes, however certainly lower down, I felt reasonably comfortable. About, what I'd reckon would be about 8/900 m, that feeling began to change, probably having looked down a few times, thinking one might roll a long way here, before being able to stop! For all that, grip and strength remained good and didn't really want to turn back here, so soldiered on, but just a bit more carefully, eventually reaching spot, I figured might be more difficult, as obvious route became un-obvious, as it became more craggy :shock:
Arrochar Loop 102_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
Very rough track of route.

By now the pulse was definitely beating, inside and out :lol: Edged my way right, round boulder, but a move to climb it, was at the limit of what I wanted to try. Bleep! Decided to get my ice axe out, as I felt I needed extra grip and worked my way back, before trying less appealing look round to the left. Used the axe and grabbed up side of rock, very gingerly, more than a few times wondering what I was doing and how daft I would look, if anything should go wrong. Just be careful and your nearly there. I drifted a little off to the left just below the top and felt considerable relief, as the slope gradually eased, to a point where the axe was returned to its home. A short walk and that was it. Wow, I had done it. Two hours fifteen, but was it worth it?
Arrochar Loop 017_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
Glen Kinglas and ridge of Binnein an Fhidhleir.
Arrochar Loop 022_1131_800_1024_724.JPG
Loch's Lomond, Arklet and Katrine.
Arrochar Loop 029_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
Over to Ben Lomond. Still a bit of snow around.
Arrochar Loop 030_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
Looking back to top of BI.

Anyway, decided I'd make for the Cobbler and decide what to do from there. Didn't meet anyone till some guys working on the path, right near the gap between the north and south peak. Decided I would then skirt down by Arthur's Seat, as I had never been round that side, then head east, over and up to the bealach between Cruach nam Miseag, up the Spearhead, onto Beinn Narnian. It was tough going up to the bealach and the usual wee moments up by the Spearhead, before finally making the top.
Arrochar Loop 031_1280_791_1024_633.JPG
The Cobbler's backside!
Arrochar Loop 032_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
Looking back up Beinn Ime.
Arrochar Loop 053_1140_800_1024_719.JPG
"Hang on a minute."
Arrochar Loop 036_1237_800_1024_662.JPG
The 'Needle,' looking down to Loch Long.
Arrochar Loop 037_1070_800_1024_766.JPG
Closer look at Ardgartan.
Arrochar Loop 075_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
Think this is about the Spearhead, looking down to Arrochar.
Arrochar Loop 077_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
Finnart and Clyde, beyond.
Arrochar Loop 083_1218_800_1024_673.JPG
Over to the Cobbler, Needle and Arthur's Seat.

From here it was a relatively straightforward hike, descending NW off Narnian, round to Bealach a' Mhargaidh and back to the car. Well, that was a random day :lol:
Arrochar Loop 094_1211_800_1024_676.JPG
Descent route, via Bealach a' Mhargaidh.
Arrochar Loop 097_1200_800_1024_683.JPG
Over to Beinn an Lochain, a nice wee climb if you haven't yet tried it?
Arrochar Loop 102_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
Very rough track of route.
Arrochar Loop 104_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
From the start/end point.

Re: B. Ime by the direct route. A random day?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:40 am
by ancancha
Nice one JimboJim :clap:
Nothing like an adrenaline rush and the possibility of certain death to focus the mind :lol:

Re: B. Ime by the direct route. A random day?

PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:16 pm
by JimboJim
And, returned again, with my son, Coll, for his first Munro, 4/1/17. We went up from Butterbridge, up to Glas Bealach, over the summit, turned SE and down Bealach a' Mhargaidh and back down Allt Beinn Ime. Don't know if he was over-impressed, but he managed fine and I thought under 3 hours was no' bad, for an old chap like me :lol:
Coll Ime 001_1039_800.JPG
Coll, about to set off.
Coll Ime 017_1092_800_1024_750.JPG
Shadow of Beinn an Lochain, on Binnein an Fhidhleir.
Coll Ime 005_1213_800_1024_675.JPG
Over to Inveraray, Loch Fyne.
Coll Ime 012_1067_800_1024_768.JPG
Not much snow about.
Coll Ime 007_1225_800_1024_669.JPG
Summit, Beinn Ime.
Me and my boy.
Some nice falls, coming down Bealach a' Mhargaidh.
Beneath the summit.
Route of previous ascent. Pretty much, up!
Coll Ime 021_1046_800_1004_768.JPG
And back at the car. Well done!

Re: B. Ime by the direct route. A random day?

PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:17 pm
by JimboJim
ancancha wrote:Nice one JimboJim :clap:
Nothing like an adrenaline rush and the possibility of certain death to focus the mind :lol:

Thanks, Ancancha ..... and you are RIGHT :shock:

Re: B. Ime by the direct route. A random day?

PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2020 9:41 pm
by JimboJim
Some more from recent trip up from BB 6.12.2020, with Brian Duncan. David Cameron couldnae make it :) Nice day. 4.2hrs up and doon. My 7th ascent, as far as I can remember, which isn't far! Brian's first big winter hike. Think he enjoyed it :)