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Taking Ben Alligin by the horns.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:41 am
by Chloeeh
The first 2 of our West coast munros, after a failed attempt at Moruisg in February.
I checked the weather report and finally there was some sun! So we made the 4 hour drive over and camped out at Torridon under the big scary Liathach.
After getting eaten alive by midges we had a big breakfast at the Torridon Inn then set off from the Ben Alligin car park at 9am.

As we started up the incredibly steep path, the tops of the hills were hidden in the cloud. It seemed a long way up!


At this point it looks almost impossible to climb, but there is a little path following the river up.
Soon you reach the first summit of Tom na Gruagaich.


Sensational views and a sense of foreboding as you look towards the horns in the distance. Not helped by the fact we were passed by by quite a few people going back down the way we came instead of doing the horns.

After some knee pain we got down the steep slopes towards Sgurr Mor. The climb up to the top looks difficult but we made it up quite quickly.
Some great views from the top (naturally) and an even closer look at the horns. This was make or break point, I was hesitant but then I saw a dog and a 7 year old going over them and I would not be bested!


It's a steep walk down to the first horn but straight forward and spirits were high!

We scrambled up the first horn and though it was airy it was easy enough. (Though we are both rock climbers so we're used to this sort of thing).


Topping out with a smile!

First horn down and we moved onto the second. Again pretty easy but you have to have. Head for heights.


The last one is easy enough but you have to traverse to the right to find a chimney to get up.

The walk down from here is steep and our legs were feeling a bit sore. But the sun was out and the views were stunning.

We got back to the car and went back to the Torridon Inn for some fish and chips :)
(and to pick up lewis's jacket he left there in the morning...good thing he didn't need it this time!)