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Meall nan Tarmachan (up and down again)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 6:53 pm
by KatTai
This is where I ended up after finding the route to Carn Gorm blocked by forestry work, and what a great walk! I wish I could have done the whole ridge, and I probably could have, but I couldn't get access to the WH page to see roughly how long it should take to know whether I had time or not (I have dog training on the Wednesday evenings). So we just decided to go up to the summit and then back down again.

The path is clear and easy to follow to the summit, though from the smaller summit the path up looked very steep it wasn't as bad as is looked. The dogs enjoyed a boggy bit, and then just below the summit I risked midge bites so they could have a splash around in a little pool. I'd forgotten to pack a toy so I used an empty bottle. The dogs were perfectly happy to play with that instead of one of their usual toys!

All in all, a very good quick walk option!

Me and my two hiking pals Moss on the left and Millie on the right kindly taken by another walker.

Millie in the pool

Moss making more of a splash!

At the summit - Munro number 17 for Millie, Dottie (the cuddly toy) and myself and number 12 for Moss!

The rest of the ridge looking so tempting, but saved for another day!

I just liked this rock

Re: Meall nan Tarmachan (up and down again)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 5:16 am
by Sunset tripper
Brilliant pictures :D