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First Munro

PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:53 pm
by southsider1972
Arrived at the car park just before ten and set off. The weather forecast was for a high cloud base with scattered sun but it was a bit more overcast than expected, but not too warm so probably ideal conditions for a first Munro.First part of the walk was straightforward enough, although the sweat was lashing off both of us.
ben lomond 053.JPG
Mist covering the summit.

ben lomond 055.JPG
View down to the Loch from around 2/3's of the way up

We paused for for some water just before the final steep ascent to the summit ridge, the midges made sure we didn't linger for long.
ben lomond 052.JPG
Midge Attack!

Made it to the top in about 2hrs 20mins, unfortunately the low cloud cover minimized the views but we were both delighted anyway.
ben lomond 012.JPG
Me at the Trig Point

ben lomond 018.JPG
Natalie heading back down from the summit.

The midges also ensured we didn't wait to long at trig point. Walked back down the path to where it overlooks the corrie on the left and had our lunch there, a bit of a breeze kept the midges away.
ben lomond 010.JPG
Natalie on Summit Ridge with Corrie behind

ben lomond 011.JPG
Me with the Eastern corrie behind

Started to feel a bit chilly, perhaps more due to us cooling down than the weather, although i did notice that plenty of the people passing us as we ate our lunch had started to layer up. Then started the descent, noticing that the we had beaten the crowds with our early start. Also a much more sociable part of the walk as we weren't panting quite so much, speech was not a priority on the way up! Made it back down in about 1hr 45mins.

Overall an excellent first experience, demanding enough to get your heart pumping without being too strenous, think we are both bitten by the Munro bug!



Re: First Munro

PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:18 pm
by munrowalker
You'll be bitten alright! My 1st Munro was Ben Lomond as well, now bagged 123 and its what my social life is all about getting oot on the hills!

Re: First Munro

PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:05 pm
by Marky
Congratulations on you're first Munro looks looks like you had a beter day that we had when we went up last week. The first of many I hope