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Beinn a'creachain and Beinn achaladair

PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 7:22 pm
by Coop
Parked up and after waiting for the rain to die down i set off just after 0730.
The sign for Gorton farm is actually on the ground in 2 pieces.
Straight along to the first ford- got wet!
Followed the track along to the footbridge and crossed over rather than going through the forest..
There's a small cairn on the track now. Leave here and go down to the river and cross (gingerly ) ,over the 2 "scaffolding poles ".
I followed the track up through the ferns and some bogs, then headed a little south to get through the railway tunnel. There's 2 here not far apart, one dry with stones on the bottom, and one with about a foot of water in it.
Choose wisely.
You can follow the track all the way to the lochan from here.
Kept telling myself to get off the track and get across the alt coire an lochain. It was still drizzly a bit and the mist was down. Couldn't see the ridge yet.
I finally crossed over with about 200 metres to go before I hit the lochan. When I was nearly on the ridge and the mist had cleared a little I saw a chap go straight up the track to the lochan. It was fairly steep for me so it must have been really steep for him.
Nice cairn but no views from the summit. Headed down through the rocks and up to Meall Buidhe. At this point the mist cleared and great views for the rest of the day. Down to the beallach now and a wee climb up to beinn achaladair.
I thought about heading westerly at this point ( for a millisecond) over and down the steep slopes, but changed my mind and opted for the path heading SW and then north west.
For anyone who hasn't climbed Beinn an dothaidh yet, do it from here. It's so close.
Followed the alte coire achaladair down to the railway bridge and over this. Very boggy and wet route back!
There's another signpost here saying footpath to carpark. This is wet and boggy as well. I'd advise keep heading for the main track and then head left to the car park.
Great day although my legs were tired today.
Cap doffed to Beinn a'chreachain and Beinn achaladair.

Ps, to the 2 chaps I described the river crossing to- hope you got across ok