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A first venture into the Drummochter hills

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2016 1:03 pm
by Grstrachan
I pass these mountains almost every week on the train and finally took the plunge to head off into the pass on my own,
With the aim to get up, round and home for mid- afternoon I set off from home at 05:00, arriving in the empty layby at 06:15.
Off I went following the directions religiously up into the pass.
ImageSgairneach Mhor in the distance under the cloud by Graham Strachan, on Flickr
The cloud covering the top of the first summit did not look good but I was sure that the Met Office would be correct and the tops would be clear by the time I made it up there.
After an enjoyable climb up the summit loomed ahead with the trig point easily spotted in the now clear summit.
There is a cracking view down this gully that really is a photo opportunity
ImageGully looking down from Sgairneach Mhor by Graham Strachan, on Flickr
The walk over to Beinn Udlamain was fairly uneventful with no real boggy areas at all then off up again with the Alder range on my left now looking beautiful in the passing sunshine.
The summit of Beinn Udlamain reached I now faced the walk down the steep hill back into the valley following the burn all the way down.
I was met by a roving bunch of locals halfway down but they didn't hang around long! Oh Deer....
ImageA gang of locals by Graham Strachan, on Flickr
Looking back up the valley the days accomplishment looked great behind me now as I headed for the car meeting a few late starters who were setting off on their way up.
ImageThe route down the valley by Graham Strachan, on Flickr