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Beinn Dubhcraig & Ben Oss from Tyndrum

PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 4:57 pm
by colinwatson
I decided to take advantage of Scotrail's £1 return ticket to travel on the West Highland Line to Tyndrum Lower.

Beinn Dubhcraig holds fond memories for me - it was here I went for my first hillwalk. I was in first year at secondary school and we trooped off in football boots and carrying duffle bags! My abiding memory of the day is fording a freezing River Cononish. In fact, the day was so hellish, I wonder why I went back for a second walk a few weeks later!

The train today was on time and the walk starts right at the station. It was a pleasant walk through the forest to the track leading to Cononish and I was glad to see a footbridge over the river! Although the Munros were in cloud, Beinn Chuirn was clear all day.

2016-09-26 10.25.37 (640x428).jpg
Beinn Chuirn (complete with the eyesore of the mine)

2016-09-26 10.25.47 (640x428).jpg
Ben Lui hiding in the mist

Once over the river, it was quite a steep pull up to the north ridge, where the gradient eased considerably, so I was able to enjoy a steady walk up to the lochans just below the summit.

2016-09-26 11.08.47 (640x428).jpg
Heading along the north ridge of Beinn Dubhcraig, with the summit under cloud

As I approached the summit, the conditions brightened, but not enough to yield a view.

2016-09-26 11.57.19 (640x428).jpg
Approaching Bein Dubhcraig's summit.

Not much point in lingering at the cairn, so I turned around and headed to the Ben Oss col.

2016-09-26 11.57.26 (640x428).jpg
Cloud lifting on Ben Oss with the lochans in the middle distance

There is a really good path leading down to the col. On the way I could enjoy a lovely view of Loch Oss.

2016-09-26 12.24.30 (640x428).jpg
Looking down at Loch Oss as I approached the col

2016-09-26 12.30.21 (640x428).jpg
Near the col as the cloud lifts on Ben Oss

2016-09-26 12.30.37 (640x428).jpg
Beinn Chuirn from the Dubhcraig/Oss col

The path continues towards Ben Oss, with the junction leading to the summit clearly marked with a cairn. I stopped at this point to have my lunch, with another great view of Loch Oss.

2016-09-26 12.44.25 (640x428).jpg
Loch Oss from the lunch boulder

Another straighforward walk up to the ridge, with a clear path to follow. I had my old Glen Orchy 1:50000 map with me and was amazed at the lack of detail showing on this ridge, compared to more recent editions - the 941 metre point is completely missing!

2016-09-26 13.11.24 (640x428).jpg
The summit ridge of Ben Oss

2016-09-26 13.13.04 (640x428).jpg
Ben Lui from close to the summit of Ben Oss

Lots of cloud about at the summit, but enough breaks to give some views. It was a long time since I had been here and it took me a moment to realise that the loch to the south was Loch Lomond!

2016-09-26 13.31.12 (640x428).jpg
Loch Lomond from Ben Oss

2016-09-26 13.31.21 (640x428).jpg
Looking west from the summit towards Loch Awe

I then had the long walk back to Tyndrum. I thought about dropping down Coire Bhuide towards Cononish, but decided to reascend to the lochans and back out the way I had come in. In hindsight, I think that the Coire route would have been quicker. However, as compensation, the cloud had now lifted from Beinn Dubhcraig.

2016-09-26 13.40.11 (640x428).jpg
A now clear Beinn Dubhcraig

The final descent to Cononish was hard on the knees and once there I had to hurry to catch the train. Indeed, I had to run the final section, only to find out that the 17.15 was Saturdays Only! Just as well reading railway timetables isn't on the ML syllabus!

As I now had a couple of hours to spare, I had a meal at the excellent Real Food Cafe, before my train journey home.

A cracking day out on a couple of hills I hadn't been on for years. If I wait as long again for my next visit, I'll be 95 by then!

Re: Beinn Dubhcraig & Ben Oss from Tyndrum

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:33 am
by ruaridhmci
Just to confirm - there is a bridge over the river now?