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Ben Vorlich + 3

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:57 pm
by Broggy1

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A trip to Stirling for the weekend gave us the opportunity to have a look at tackling these two Munro's and the two nearby Corbett's.

Very decent weather throughout with only light cloud on the top of Vorlich before breaking to leave a warm and pleasant day with light winds.

Meall na Fearna is a rough hill and would be very boggy after rain. The link up between it and Vorlich is a tough one and pathless. We did however see more deer on this hill than we have anywhere else in Scotland!

The obvious highlight of the day was the rocky scramble up Stuc a'Chroin and then the bumpy ridge along to Beinn Each.

Glen Ample made for a long walk out but always on a pleasant track with good views.

1 Ben V ahead.JPG
Ben Vorlich ahead from the start up Glen Vorlich

2 Back to Loch Earn and Lawers range.JPG
Looking back at Loch earn and the distant Lawers range

3 Meal Na Ferna ahead.JPG
The track heads up Beinn Domhuill and you cross rough ground to get to Meall na Fearna from there.

4 Summit looking to BV.JPG
Meall na Fearna summit looking over to a cloudy Ben Vorlich

5 Descending MNF.JPG
Descending Meall na Fearna. Our ascent route up Vorlich is steeply straight up the other side, through the small crags and on to the obvious ridge.

6 Back to MNF.JPG
On the ridge now after some collar work and looking back to Meall na Fearna

7 Summit ahead.JPG
Summit of Ben Vorlich ahead but capped by light cloud

8 BV Trig.JPG
Trig Point on Ben Vorlich - he wasn't quite as knackered as he looks here!

9 Stuc ahead.JPG
Stuc a'Chroin ahead now - still in cloud but it would be gone by the time we got there

10 Prow.JPG
Looking straight up the prow - an enjoyable scramble although care was needed with some of the rocks being damp

11 Stuc Summit ahead.JPG
Stuc a'Chroin summit from the top of the prow

12 Stic summit back to BV.JPG
Stuc a'Chroin and looking back to a now clear Vorlich

13 Ridge to BE.JPG
The ridge ahead to Beinn Each. Many little craggy bumps to cross but there is mostly a decent path alongside the old fence.

14 BE ahead.JPG
Beinn Each now ahead

15 Back to Stuc from Ben Each.JPG
Stuc a'Chroin from Beinn Each

16 Glen Ample.JPG
Glen Ample - our return route, showing it's length.

17 Ben More and Stob B.JPG
Looking over to Ben More and Stob Binnein

18 On the track.JPG
We initially followed the path off Beinn Each but then cut the corner off once clear of the crags to hit the good track running through Glen Ample

19 Back up the track.JPG
Looking back up the track. It's a long way but an easy track to follow with good views.

20 waterfalls.JPG
Pleasant waterfalls mark the end of the track and then there is a decent road walk to finish off!

Re: Ben Vorlich + 3

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:34 pm
by rockhopper
Interesting route and a good way to tackle these hills - glad to see it cleared up later on - cheers :)

Re: Ben Vorlich + 3

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:31 pm
by Marty_JG
I've got this range planned for a couple of weeks time so it's nice to see an up-to-date report and an unusual route.