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Ben Lawers

PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 11:52 pm
by Big Wull
Well being kind of new to this munro climbing thing :)
We decided to do this one as its generally classed as easy and we were going to do it a couple of weeks ago
but I twisted my ankle then the next week I was on call and finally a week later all was good and we were in the car park looking up at Beinn Ghlas.
This was when I heard the first warning signs " hey Wull that's a big mountain " yeah my mate was not up for this one
anyway cut a long story short he didn't even make it half way up Ghlas !!! "give me the keys to the car " was the cry.
After lots of moral support and when that didn't work ..abuse I gave him the keys and he headed back to the car.
I think we should have a page on this site for naming and shaming the lazy ones who talk the talk but cant walk the walk no pun intended .
So anyway I gave him the keys and carried on and as headed down the hill .
But as luck would have it I bumped into another guy and got chatting and we done the walk together cheers for the company Russell.
Anyway back to the walk Beinn Ghlas is a short but good walk and its not long before you are rising above most of the hills around you the views are great but I have to admit the best one is the view of the primary objective Ben Lawers.

first view ben lawers.jpg
Ben Lawers from Beinn Ghlas

The summit of Beinn Ghlas is nothing to write home about so its a couple of pics and onto the Lawers which is well easy ...well for most.
When we were at the summit of the Lawers we saw 2 kids around 10\12 year old running up to the summit and once there they were shouting at there dad to hurry up ...he was nowhere in sight :) .
anyway here is a couple of pics from the summit.

Re: Ben Lawers

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:28 pm
by rockhopper
Glad to see you managed to get out eventually - pity about the clag on top but sounded an enjoyable trip - cheers :)