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Beinn Fhionnlaidh Made to work every inch of the 959 metres

PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:04 pm
by Coop
Ever felt that way; That the mountain is making you work.
It felt like that for me today once or twice. Had a cold/cough/sore chest the past week and felt like I was over the worst of it yesterday. That may have contributed to it today.
Anyway, plan put in place yesterday. Sorry beinn mhanach but it didnt include you in it. Another day.

Weather was for a high pressure all round, clear skies, very little wind , no clouds, maybe some mist early on- climb a couple of hills and suddenly I'm a weatherman- not.
There was no fresh snow or rain to fall and little wind; that was good enough for me. Glen creran and Beinn fhionnlaidh here I come.

Parked up at elleric and followed the track down and round. At this point I thank the estate owners for putting up the signs for directions to both Beinn Fhionnlaidh and Beinn sgulaird. Cheers.

The track dissapears soon enough at the end of the wood line and at this point you can either turn left at a very small cairn (2 or 3 stones) and head directly, steeply uphill, or do as I did and carry on contouring round. Because I went this way I had it in the back of my mind always to climb gradually on my way round. Beinn sgulaird is so close to you here and a bit of a monster.
Eventually I started pulling up the slope and came up onto the ridge (wide ridge) just beside the larger lochan. The snow was getting deeper the higher I got, and the lochan never seemed to get further away every time I looked back. It's ok troops I've made a path for those to follow in the next few days- if you so wish.
Gloves were on from the start but at no point did I feel I had to dig the fleece or jacket out. My feet got a bit cold but nothing major- that was due to the gaiters riding up and snow getting at my ankles!!
On up to the summit, eventually after breaking much snow, and I was treated to the views I'd been waiting for. Fantastic 360 views of everywhere from Dhonuill to the The Ben to the summits of Glencoe, round to Ben Starav (saving for the summer) and back to the lochs.

Wee mention for the shelter and trig point- just because I like trig points.

Headed back down to the lochan and decided to follow the WH ascent on the descent, just to vary it. Glad the ground was mainly frozen most of the way down as i reckon it could have been a wet erse a few times on some the boggier sections. Steep downhill so I took my time and eventually spied a path heading back towards the forest and estate. I added a couple of stones to the minute cairn at the bottom and headed back to the car.
Mines was the only car in the car park at 0800 and the only one when I got back. Not that I'm complaining about the solitude, freedom, peace and quiet on the mountain all to myself.
Passed a few cars parked in the layby at Cruachan on the way back- hope you had as good a day as I had.
Cap doffed to Beinn fhionnlaidh

Re: Beinn Fhionnlaidh Made to work every inch of the 959 met

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:36 pm
by falling monkey
It certainly was a good day ,I was on other side of glen doing the corbett Beinn Mhic Chasgaig,very cold to start but stunning views all day was certainly glad ground was fairly frozen as walk in would have been a total bog trot