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Carn Gorm,Meall Garbh, Carn Mairg & Creag Mhor

PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:18 am
by Jockstar
On reaching the small car park at 7.45 in the morning I was met with a large party of 40 odd people doing a charity walk.
So I let them get off and set off myself 30 mins later. Only to take the wrong path at the first bridge(aaarrggghh!) and managed to climb half way up before seeing the group to the south west approaching creag glas. So cut across to the correct walk and then was wishing the low cloud would disappear. :(

The cairn is somewhere!

However the low mist lingered so by the time I reached the top there was a pretty miserable sight......nothing.!!! Came across the cairn but just went straight on. So set off toward s Meall Garbh which was a very steady walk and reached the cairn/art project (you need to go and see it to understand!).

Found it! This was going to shelter me for a good half hour!

However the weather really turned nasty and I decided to stay until it blew through.....until 2 walkers came out of the rain and cloud and we decided to walk onto Carn Mairg. Neil and Karina were like me out for the walk and it wasn't long before we were on our way and the weather brightened up again, passing lochan nan cat, on the way.

lochan nan chat on the way to Carn Mairg

So we marched on to Carn Mairg and i knew Scheihallion would be visible but not when we got there! It was turning into a bit of a downer but with Neil and Karina with me we soon were chatting away and having a grand or not
When we got there the low cloud moved in again and then just as quick it blew away to give me a first look at Schiehallion....amazing! :D And almost as quickly it disappeared in the cloud but not before I got a pic.

Schiehallion from Carn Mairg

And so onto Meall nan Aighean which was relatively easy despite the constant low cloud but it would clear regularly and we strode out to reach the cairn in good time. I had to do a bit plagiarism with e the pictire of the rock as I had seen it in a few walk reports and seemed to be a feature.

'THE' Rock

So also a picture of my walking friends at the cairn

Neil and Karina at Creag Mhor

and then to what i thought was a very tricky bit of scrambling over rocks to get onto the path towards Creag Mohr.

Foreboding Schiehallion from Creag Mhor

We decided that while we were here that we would take in Creag Mhor and then we begun the walk down towards Invervar. There were some great views to Glen Lyon and a very happy but knackered walker. :D

Glen lyon looking East