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Beyond Keen: 2 ton for 2 on round 2

PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:13 pm
by Mrs Scoob
Storm Barbara put an end to thoughts of going for our 200th round 2 Munro on Christmas Day this year, but this wasn't too much of a delay :D
Having given some thought to making a bigger route to include Hunt Hill, we ended up going for the standard route from Glen Esk to reach Mount Keen. Car park was empty when we arrived, setting off at dawn, but it turned out to be quite a busy hill today as we passed several folks on our way back, including Backpacker & Hutchy1 :wave:
Glen Esk sunrise
heading up Mt Keen
view to Lochnagar (ding ding! Round 2, 200th Munro)

With the shorter Munro walk done (around 5hrs), we drove up the road and then set off for Mt Battock - making sure we had torches with us :D We reached the summit after official sunset but still with enough light to see. Headed back the same way and put the torches on once we were back on the landrover track we'd come up on... when I promptly broke the fitting on my torch as I tried to angle it in to position :shock: At least the light still worked, so I just carried it (in between some faffing so it was practical without being a nuisance) :roll: Tough day but a good one :thumbup: 8) :D
setting off for Mt Battock
still on our way up, sun going down behind us
Mt Battock summit
heading back down to pick up landy track

Scoob's video :clap: - includes the short walk we did the next day