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Geal Charn Mor

PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:41 pm
by lobster07
Parked near Altnacriche Scripture Union outdoor centre - it's the best place to park. Steady walk uphill, good track as it's the Burma Road to Carr Bridge. Pleasant walking up through the trees and then it opens up to moorland. Nice steady climb, little pockets of snow and ice, a bit cloudy.
Come to a Cairn and there are two paths from here the one on the right goes straight up to Geal-charn mor, It's about a 20 - 30 minute walk to the top, there is quite a distinct path but there was quite a lot of snow lying and it kept disappearing, other walkers kept me right. New fence across the path with stile. Quite hard going, the snow quite deep in places and the ice difficult - Jessie coped well, she's a plucky little dog. Quite a lot of snow on the cairn, cloudy and cold. Had a quick bit to eat - Jessie expects it.
You have to head back to the cairn on the burma road. Clouds started clearing and the sun came out so the lovely views opened up. Back at the Cairn take the other path down hill, (the one on the left) it takes you out across the moor, crosses several streams, pretty wet and boggy in places but well worth going that way back. sun shone it was just lovely. Walk down to first fence, go across field to next fence, through gate - don't take path on immediate left go to lane so you walk in front of the houses. Turn left between the houses and that takes you on a windy path through fields to Altnacriche.
Great day, you wouldn't know you were so close to the A9, easy to get to and quite straightforward, best left to summertime. Took a bit longer than expected but the snow and wet made it a bit heavier going.
Saw a flock of ptarmigan, white mountain hares, roe deer, buzzards, pheasants galore, partridge and a lovely Gloucester Old Spot pig!