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Beinn a chaorainn

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:03 pm
by Coop
Had planned on doing both today but.... alas it wasn't to be.
Parked up at the gate at Roughburn
Missed the path to the left just after the start. So it was up the the 1st fire break and headed up this way- steeply!!
Realised there wasn't really going to be a ridge and a nice walk to the summit today.
Reached the first summit and I was enveloped in cloud, it started getting windy and cold - couldn't see a thing- whiteout!!
Gps for exact grid, map out compass set away from the edge and on to the summit. Realised at one point when the cloud broke for a second that I was fairly close to the edge so went more left. Reached the cairn, thought for less than a second about going north and then round to do beinn teallach, then set the compass again and headed west down towards the stream.
Kept slightly right of Coire Odhar and had a good descent to the stream.
Looked back at the bealach ( Tom mor?) And thought will I go up to it and do teallach- no, another day.
Then said to myself I've got a few hours to spare when I get back to the car so I'll head to Glenfinnan and have a look at the monument and viaduct. And the lochs and hills.
Anyway, down to the stream and an old fence line which heads most of the way back no real paths to speak off. Just wet and boggy!
Forded the stream twice and then stayed high and left of it, down to the edge of the forest, down the " proper track" and back to the car.
Good day apart from missing out on Teallach.
One summit, drove to glenfinnan, monument, viaduct, lochs and mountains all around.
Back through Fort William and the wonderful Glencoe then home.

To the lad from chapelhall- hope you had better views on Beinn Teallach than I did today
Cap doffed to Beinn a chaorainn.