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Loch lochy pair

PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:47 pm
by Coop
Back again after I was forced back on my last outing in the snow 3 weeks ago.
The lad decided to accompany me for only his 2nd outing so I had a choice.
I fancied Glen Tilt but didn't know if he'd be up for 20 miles!
Loch lochy again it was.
Rain was forecast for mid afternoon so it was away early and up to kilfinnan and walking by 5 past 8.
Cloud level was low and no real views but a good walk up to Cam bealach was had. Such a difference not trudging through knee drop snow. Up the zigzag path and onto the summit cairn. Hung around for 10 mins hoping for views, but - zilch. The lad said he didn't know if he'd make it down and up again to meall na teanga., so I said no probs- see how you feel when we get back down to the bealach.
On the way down with the clag clearing now and then, the path off up to meall na teanga can be made out.
I think seeing this sealed it for him, as I'd told him I didn't think there was much of a path up to No.2.
Up we went again at his pace on a good wee path.
Reached the summit and the views across to The Grey corrie's and Nevis range were- zilch again.
Didn't put him off - I could see how chuffed he was today getting to those 2 cairns.
Back down to the bealach and the same route back.
Rain started just as we were nearing the car - that was a bonus as well.
2 good hills and a good walk which would offer great views on a cloud free day, but hey ho. I've had a couple of good views recently so can't complain.
I'm off Friday and he said he'd come back out- so hopefully- we'll see.
Cap doffed to Meall na Teanga and Sron-a-Choire-Ghairbh