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Watching rainbows on Hill of Fare

PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 8:21 pm
by KatTai
This walk isn't too far from me, yet this is the first time I've done it! I had a 2nd choice walk just in case I couldn't get parked having read a previous report that said the car parking area was very busy, but when I arrived there was only one other car there (who may now have a flat battery because I saw when I got back that they had left their lights on!). So no problems parking and off we set, me and the two dogs, following the track up to Raemoir Hotel and into the woods where the dogs were let off lead and stayed off lead until reaching the farm on the other side!


The wide track was easy to follow, and as a bonus the dogs found themselves a pool to have a bit of a splash around in before we were out on the open moorland.


Away from the shelter of the trees the wind picked up a bit. I was glad I'd picked a sub2000 for the days walk! We soon had the wooden hut in sight and followed the track along to it, taking the path straight ahead to go in search of the summit of the Hill of Fare. Viewranger helped in the hunt, helping find a hint of a path through the heather to follow, the top stone of the summit marker soon appearing over the heather.


The dogs did their usual summit playtime routine, racing each other around like a pair of nutters.



Always so much excitement, I don't think they realised that we weren't on a simple up/down walk but we doing a longer circuit! Back at the wooden hut, we took the track to the left and followed it round. The track was easy to see ahead of us, and while it was raining the rain was behind us so didn't really notice it! The rain passed overhead and across the land below, and that was when I saw a strange white triangle shape in the sky. As I watched, colours appeared and a rainbow formed! I don't find rainbows the easiest things to photograph, and looking down on one it was even harder as the colours were much more spread out.


The rain had soon moved on though, and with it the rainbow, so we continued on finding the downhill track and heading back into the forest. Be warned if you have dogs or young children, the track goes over a bridge with a steep drop that isn't noticeable except for some big rocks at the side and there is a quarry again with a steep drop. There is a sign about the quarry...but that is for people approaching from the other way there is no sign on the other side if you are coming down as per the instructions.


The forestry track wound the way down to a farm, where there is a notice asking for dogs to be on a lead. So on the lead the dogs went through the farm and along to a stables and back to Raemoir Hotel and from there back to the car. Two happy dogs who had a good walk, wish I'd done this one sooner because I think this could easily become one of our more frequent walks! We didn't see another person at all except the people working around the hotel, we had the whole moorland and forest to ourselves.