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Beinn na Lap

PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 4:06 pm
by colinwatson
The third day of our Tulloch trip. We decided to take advantage of the West Highland Line and have a short trip up one stop to Corrour. It was a novelty to be able to leave our accommodation and step right on to the station platform for the morning train. Fifteen minutes later, we were at Corrour.

As usual, it felt cold when we stepped onto the platform for the walk along the track to Loch Ossian.

20170511_083403 (640x360).jpg
Beinn na Lap from Corrour Station

20170511_084720 (640x360).jpg
Our first view of Loch Ossian

Unlike my first visit in 1994, there is now a bit of a path heading from the track up to the ridge. Very dry underfoot today, but in normal conditions, I think that it could be quite boggy. We made good, steady progress from here up to the ridge.

20170511_102431 (640x360).jpg
The south Ossian Munros from the ridge

Although the path faded once on the ridge, the going was really easy.

20170511_110652 (640x360).jpg
Looking along the ridge to the cairn

Not long from here until we were at the cairn. Although sunny, a cold wind was blowing, so we were glad of the cairn to shelter behind whilst we enjoyed the view.

20170511_120545 (640x360).jpg
Looking northwest to the Ben

20170511_120559 (640x360).jpg
The east end of the Grey Corries

20170511_120620 (640x360).jpg
The view south

20170511_120633 (640x360).jpg
The view over Rannoch Moor

20170511_120637 (640x360).jpg
Looking west down the ridge

20170511_122429 (640x360).jpg
Looking west to the Corbett of Leum Uilleim

We walked back the way we had come up and arrived down in plenty of time for the afternoon train. Spent a very pleasant 20 minutes sitting on a hillock looking down Loch Ossian.

20170511_134610 (640x360).jpg
The view to Loch Ossian

20170511_134636 (640x360).jpg
Loch Ossian again!

20170511_141236 (640x360).jpg
Loch Ossian Hostel nestling in the trees

We had a leisurely walk back to the station in time to enjoy coffee and shortbread at the excellent Station House Restaurant before catching the afternoon train back to Tulloch.

Re: Beinn na Lap

PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 11:40 am
by rockhopper
aye - it's a great feeling standing on the platform and watching the train leaving - great place for a day trip - cheers :)