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Beinn Narnain and Beinn Ime

PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 1:47 pm
by BARRY71
Checked the weather every day and every day it changed, so it was a case of lets go and see what we can do. First time not taking my dog (i think it went in the huff with me), and i'm glad. My friend took us up the Loch Long side of Beinn Narnain, which was easy enough early on, but that soon changed. Still relatively new to this great hobby i found that from about 3/4 of the way up it gets a bit tricky (probably not for experienced guys and gals). The weather closed in and at points you could not see the length of your arm and the rain was getting heavier and the wind getting rather blustery. There are parts where you have to put the poles away and start clambering up the rock face with what i have now found out to be a very long drop if you slip. Needless to say i had a squecky bum 10 mins until i got out of this section. Once we reached the summit the ususal couple of photos were taken but on this outing there were no views. We then headed down the other side which was straight forward to eventually start No2 for the day Beinn Ime. I had been previously been told this is not the hardest hill, but relentless. Due to the horrible conditions (which by this time were getting worse) the hill was very boggy. We reached the summit and had a photo and headed straight back down.
Even with the conditions being horrible and not getting to enjoy the views, i found this to be a great day out.
I feel it's good to challenge yourself in life, and i felt really positive when i got back to the carpark albeit rather wet.