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Meall Buidhe

PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:26 pm
by Louise993
The start of Fran and I's wee adventure to see the little people :D :D

Fran and I Headed up in the van on Saturday and headed up Meall Buidhe at 5:40pm , why not its the summer :)

Great wee hill then back down to the van for an ABSOLUTE FEAST!

Fran had purchased M&S meal deal for 2 so we had an amazing steak with veg and some piri, piri chicken skewers I had purchased, whacked them all on the disposable Barbie. It was delicious! Then to top it all off we heated up the Apple Pie over the Barbie and had it with whipped cream, I wouldn't eat so well at home :lol:

and topped off with a lovely bottle of red :clap: