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PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:35 am
by BARRY71
Took my 12 year old daughter and the dog for this wee day out.
I picked Schiehallian as the website says it is a track all the way, which i thought would help as this was her 1st Munro.
As usual the weather was checked every day and Saturday looked the best option.
First in the carpark and on the hill which i like. Clear path from the carpark and we could see a fair distance looking up at what was ahead, then the mist started to come in.
A couple of steep areas, but in general this seemed a pretty straight forward climb. The website states that the climb becomes steeper and more boulders to climb over.
I under estimated the extent of the boulders, the dog struggled big time. The mist started to get heavier which meant poor visibility.
Lots of Cairns on route to the top.
When we were about 45mins from the carpark on the way down, the track was like Suchiehall Street in Glasgow. I think looking back up the hill, these guys might have been in luck as the mist seemed to be clearing
I think this would have been a great hill for views, but we were just unlucky.
My daughter enjoyed and hopefully will want to go again.