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Schiehallion in the sun

PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:20 pm
by Alfachick
As I am writing this up the weather is pretty manky here with a constant rain in sharp contrast to yesterday when the weather was glorious. So I feel great that I managed to persuade myself and a couple of friends to get up early yesterday morning to go walk up a hill.

After a two hour drive we were on the hill by 1000, the start of the walk is fairly brutal, there is not much of a walk in to the climb so there is no chance for your legs to get properly warmed up and ready for it. Its just a short walk along the flat and then up, and up and up. It felt relentless. I found myself asking who's idea this was... turns out it was mine... damn! :crazy:

Once we gained the rocky ridge the going was easier on the lungs but harder going under foot. I had packed a pair of walking poles for my fried to try out as I know she is not so confident on the rocky stuff. What a difference they made for her, going both up and down. I would recommend that if you are less confident on the trickier terrain that you invest in a pair.

The views we got from the crowded top were excellent today due to the high cloud, it wasn't even hazy.

Some of the views.


At the top

The way down was nice and easy once we were off the rocks and the dog was off the lead.

The walk took us 5 hours on the nose at a leisurely pace.

We did notice that there were a lot of people out on the hill that were in completely inappropriate clothing and with no water or kit with them at all. I suspect this is quite a popular tourist hill but really it was quite eye opening to see some of the things people thought was acceptable to go hill walking in/with.

Overall it was a great day out made better by the weather and some random chat with folk on the way back down the hill. We met some lovely like minded people.