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Long trudge back!

PostPosted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:40 pm
by Coop
Wet day today, cloud low and not many great views back or forward except when the cloud was blown away once or twice.
The "hill path" sign points the way up and it's boggy until you've cleared the forest line then it's pick a point basically to head up where another "path" will be picked up until the ridge line.
Only one other point about the walk : between sgurr a Bhealaich Dheirg and Aonach Meadhoin there's a wee cairn with a good stalkers path heading down. I assume it goes down to one of the forest tracks that lead onto the A87. It would be a good escape route, or if you choose- you could go to the 3rd summit and come back to this point and down. It would cut off some of that road walk!!

This would be a great walk on a clear day and hence I'll be leaving the sisters ridge until a clear day

Just over 5 hours from the car, up and over these 3 and back down to Cluanie Inn- then just under and hour and a half for walk/ trudge in the rain :D back. Gave up trying to hitch after about a mile as I realised no one wants a soggy wet through stranger sitting in their passenger seat. So what did I do- I didn't get despondent I plodded on and enjoyed the view of the SGS ridge up to my left ( bits that weren't covered on cloud) and all the water that that was cascading down the hillsides.

Cap doffed to the Brothers

Ps - take care if you are walking back - there's a few dodgy bends!!