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A wee walk up the Cairnwell three, following knee surgery!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:07 pm
by CarlWalters
First walk report! I walk whenever I can - although I've just moved to the Highlands so I anticipate my Munro climbing to begin in earnest!

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Initially I had intended on doing a 6 munro, all day affair the other side of the A93, but my wife had an unexpected day off of work so we decided to have a go at the Cairnwell three instead. She had knee surgery not an insubstantial time ago, so walking on the flat and narrow is still a challenge - let alone up Munros!

We arrived at the ski shack to begin our assent up the 'easiest' Munro to climb - all relative of course, as you can see from the image of determined Hannah pushing herself up the hill!



We reached the first summit of the day, Cairn Aosda, without issue, enjoying the fabulous views on offer - Lochnagar glinting at us in the distance. I know that the immediate landscape has been somewhat spoiled by the ski infrastructure - but the mountains are still good and the views better.


From here we descended along the path towards Carn a'Gheoidh, stopping for lunch in a sheltered spot out of the wind. Wilson the labrador was certainly keen on this part of the day, being the walking stomach that he is!


We then headed up to Gheoidh, summiting in the rain and wind! What fantastic views can be enjoyed from the top!



Heading back down, Hannah's knee really started to play up - so instead of risking the ascent of the Cairnwell, we went back to the car. It was disappointing to not reach the third Munro, but what is the point in doing something that you won't enjoy, and will cause damage after! (Perhaps a trip up the cable car for Hannah on a slightly less windy day is in order!)

Now for a whisky.