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A hill without a track

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:48 pm
by Arno Bremer
A hike without a trail

Starting at the bridge over the River Lonan, I followed a former forest track (after getting over the sheep fence).
At the end of this old road I bumped into a very new forest road, graveled and big. I followed this track North until the sharp bend south. That's where I found my path through the woods, using compass and OS map.
Heading for the top of this hill, I approached from the NW-side, where there are a only a few steep cliffs/edges. With a bit of a search I ended up at the top. Beautiful views in all directions. Seeing the mountains on Mull on one side, having the twin peaks of Ben Cruachan on the other. Full view of Lorn!
I descended towards the SW, having a good view from the top where to go, checking the map for a edge-less route.
Ended up at the new forest road, returning to starting point.

Even though it's just 383 above sea level, it's a beautiful hike, quite demanding, physically and mentally; I had to use the map and compass during the whole trip.
I've added some photo's of the view.