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Broad Law, a grassy rounded lump

PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:29 pm
by The Rodmiester
The most common starting place is at the Megget Stone just about 2 k along the road at the end of Talla Reservoir, but as i was driving along I had seen a car reverse twice nearly the full length down the hill because of traffic coming in the opposite direction, and I made up my mind that I was not going to push my luck and try to go to the Megget stone but would park the car at a parking space just after crossing the burn by the bridge about half a k short of the Megget Stone, where there is sufficient room for about three cars, as I knew there may not be sufficient room to park further on as it was well into the afternoon.

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Looking back to the car parking area at roadside just beyond the bridge over the burn. The grass is quite long and wet after all the recent rain, but the underfoot conditions are not too steep
Heading up Fans Law, still quite long grass but with the gradient flattening out
Heading towards a gate in the deer fence, not locked
The westerly cairn on Cairn Law
Beyond the cairn and towards another deer fence with once again a gate to pass through not locked
Broad Law summit in the distance about 2k away from Cairn Law the underfoot conditions much drier and with the gradient lessening and much shorter grass makes for pleasant walking
Summit cairn and trig point reached in one hour five minutes
Communications mast
Me on the summit a fine start to the weekend of making three more Corbetts, but with this the best of the weather