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4 Munros in Glen Lyon

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:37 am
by ArgyllGoSlow
Decided about 3 weeks ago to tackle this group of hills. We had never tackled this many Munros over this distance before so knew that it would be a challenge. I printed off the walk highlands instructions, downloaded the route, read other walk reports, studied the OS map, calculated how long it would take between hills and googled the route from home to Invervar - and off we went, leaving the house about 6:45am. Only 2 other cars in the carpark when we got to Invervar

The main plan, as always, was to follow the Walk Highlands route. We initially followed the estate signs towards the rickety bridge before heading up over Creag Ghlas.

It was quite hot at the start and I do not do well in the heat. We knew the first climb (should) be the hardest and eventually made it to the top on Cairn Gorm, Munro Number 1 (after few grumps and moans). I wonder if anyone could sort the Trig Point? To give us a wee boost we have taken to checking the Garmin to tell us what elevation we are. We both have to guess and keep our fingers crossed that the actual is higher than the guess - and quite a lot of time we are happy with the result.

We were both starving due to early start. Had a wee planned break here before heading to Meall Garbh, Munro Number 2 and the fence posts. Did not stop here long (although I had planned to have something to eat at every Munro).

Followed the fence posts on our way to Cairn Mairg, Munro Number 3. It got quite windy at this time but thankfully it was mostly coming from behind us. The visibility was great and we had Schiehallion for company for a lot of the walk over Meall a Bharr following the fence posts. Really enjoyed this part of the day - easy walking on the top of a mountain with great views.

Sat at the Cairn on Cairn Marg to have another bite to eat looking out to Schiehallion (quite a view!). Headed down the boulders on the east side of the hill as instructed and followed the path towards Munro Number 4. We actually got a phone mobile signal here.

Walk Highlands Instructions gave a couple of options to get down the hill and off we went following a clear path. I decided to check my Garmin here as someone had mentioned going the wrong way in a walk report. Turns out we were not on the right path but this was quickly sorted as we headed across the hill to pick up the one on the Walk Highlands Route. At the start, the walk downhill was quite comfortable but it did get a bit steeper (at one time heading through a mass of heather). We were starting to feel the effects of the day and were very glad to get off the hill and back to the car park at Invervar.

We did not see another person for the whole day. Which was good but surprising. Stopped off at Killin for a bag of chips before heading back home.