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Careful Navigation indeed!

PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:33 pm
by Little My
We decided to do the route as described on the website as a bit of test to see if we're mountain-fit this year (we're not!). A lovely walk, but took us a bit longer than the 7 hours expected (we stopped on each top for a while, but also had to correct course - see below).

We came off Healabhal Mhor (North Table) a bit too far south and not enough east than we think the directions intended (where it says 'When the ground begins to level off, it is best to head off southeast down to the Osdale River.' a bit more detail would be helpful - there are several points that could be construed as 'levelling off'!). Correcting our course took a while - as did finding a point in the river and the following stream that could be crossed easily (the banks are sheer and eroding in places, water fast following in others - you'd be alright in waders!).
It's worth noting that there is now sheep fencing (with barbed wire top) in place along a good stretch of the south east bank of the Osdale - we found a gate (sorry - forgot to take the grid ref), but this was a good way upstream of where we were expecting to be able to head off for the be bealach between Creagan Dearga and Beinn Bhuidhe.

This didn't detract from the walk - it was excellent and we were lucky enough to get some wonderful views from both tops. However, we were back a lot later than we were expecting, so worth bearing in mind if you're expected back somewhere.