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A quick 3 on a blustery day

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:39 pm
by Sspaterson
Set off from home in Perth as soon as kids went off to school and arrived in car park just after 10. Started walking at 10.15am. Followed the route up behind the cafe to Carn Aosda which is now my fastest time ever to climb a Munro, 30 minutes. The weather was very blustery with gusts up to 50mph so we didn't hang about at the top and headed back along the track, watching the many mountain hares larking about with their coats just starting to turn.

It's an easy plod to Carn a'Gheoidh with fabulous views up to the Cairngorms in th north and south over Glenshee. Exhilarating winds which would blow away the clouds one minute and the rain in the next but we were having a ball. Got to second Mumro at 11.15. I kid you not. As well as the cairn there was a convenient little shelter cairn to scoff our pieces out the breeze.

Chilling down quickly, we only lingered about 10 minutes, and headed off at a pace to warm up, back along the path we came before cutting off to the right to head up to Cairnwell. The last bit isn't the prettiest but was glad of the wee shelter hut as I think we'd seen the best of the day. Cooried doon inside for some soup and tea and a blether with the only solitary soul we saw.

Headed for cafe and got down remarkably quick to be sat with a cuppa and a cake in the cafe by 1.15pm.

The route map says 5-6 hours but I guess it's really erring on the side of caution as other reports seem to be between 3-4. Guess it depends on your fitness and we weren't hanging about in the first north winds of the changing seasons. But a great day out and back in plenty of time for kids coming home.