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meikle bin in the dark

PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:32 pm
by Slickmick
Due to work and family commitments my time out walking can be very limited so I'm always looking for new ways to fit in a decent walk.
Sunday evening is a favourite time for me as I can usually fit in a nice little local walk as such the ochils and carron valley have been favourites of mine during the summer nights but after a recent trip up meikle bin in the cloud the lack of a decent view has haunted me so another Sunday evening trip was on the cards.
My theory was get up, get the view and get as far back down in daylight as I could then it was head torch on for the easy walk through the Forrest back to todholes. Simple. not much chance of getting lost and no chance of falling to my death. Over the years I've spent hours night fishing at the side of lochs and on darkened piers. I've drove thousands of miles on pitch black country roads and navigated toy strewn bedrooms in pitch black so as not to wake the kids. how hard can this be?
After a straight forward ascent the views were a little better than expected as the street lights were already on