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The Merrick and co.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:10 pm
by Coop
Strange driving down The A77 rather than up the A9 or A82!

And it didn't disappoint as I came through Straiton then along into Glen Trool

It was either Merrick and the Grey man, Merrick and Mullwharchar or Merrick, Mullwharchar Dungeon Hill and Craignaw.

Met an old boy of 68 who was being helped up to Merrick by his daughter and son/ her man. He told me that the government had planned to use Mullwharchar as a Nuclear dumping ground many years ago. Him and his pals/ work colleagues campaigned against this and the plans were dropped.
Thought to myself - the least I can do is go to Mullwharchar!!
It was clear today so the route was evident.
Up to Benyellary , whitewashed trig point in view so head for that following the dyke.
The descent from Merrick is where it begins and it lasts until the end and it is basically pathless, overgrown grass hiding streams and holes. Did i mention it is wet and boggy the whole way also almost.
All 4 summits are nice with Merricks kinda Corrie grabbing the show.
If the mist is down take extra care on Craignaw- a lot of slabs and boulders which hides the summit easily.
Take care descending on the slabs from Craignaw.
Its basically a contour round the loch with a nice wee heart shaped loch also in view.
Once you've forded the adjoining stream between the 2 lochs a kinda path is picked up.
I say kinda because it's a muddy bog for the next 4km.
I could see the sun setting and wanted to get a move on. That probably had something to do with me slipping on the path and smashing my knee into a boulder
Visited the Bruce's stone on the way back briefly again and headed for the A77 north again.

I will advise one thing if I may- if you plan on doing these 4 then go to Merrick 1st then round. I can honestly believe it would be soul destroying going to Craignaw 1st!!!

Nice area and I'll admit I didn't expect this today.
Great scenery and views and history to boot.
Maybe I'll go and see the old grey man another day.

Cap doffed to the Merrick and friends.

Ps; 1250m is a rough estimate for the ascent.