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ben donich

PostPosted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:21 pm
by eddie devlin
I had been a wee bit up the Donich, about half way I thought, so again I was firmly put in my place by the terrain.
I had only been about a fifth of the way, but again all the good folk I met gave me useful good advice, some of it
kindly put and I got there to be almost blown off. Being still a new boy in terms of hills, but not of being over one,
I was still struggling and even more so coming down, any hints on training for this would be helpful. But again, what views and moments of peace and zen thoughts I get on the hills. I am so lucky to be able still to do this stuff. The hill is full of deep ravines and crevasses, which I am sure were full of creatures watching me. Still that was my first Corbett and I felt
great when I got back to the car and managed to get my Brashers off without falling over or swearing. You might note that there is not much technical info in my diary, but I just like to get out there and wander in my mind, keeping to the paths of course. I have a gps but only use it for distance and height etc. talk to you . cheers.