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Partial An Teallach

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:41 pm
by Photogra Scotica
This route from Corrie Hallie took in the first Munro of An Teallach before returning via the Dundonnell route. I somewhat regret not attempting to reach Sgurr Fiona (if only via the bypass paths) simply because we’re unlikely to achieve such perfect conditions again any time soon.

ImageWaterfalls by An Teallach by Gregor Sinclair, on Flickr

The day was hot, cloudless and completely still (with barely enough of a breeze to carry a feather even 1km up). From Corrie Hallie the path winds through the woods before opening up onto a (at first slightly marshy but later) path which winds alongside a stream which, followed to the right, leads directly to the bealach between Bidein Glas and Glas Mheal - with fantastic views in every direction all the way.

ImageAn Teallach from Below by Gregor Sinclair, on Flickr

The path back down to Dundonnell on the north side of the massif, though at first well-defined and easy-going, quickly disappears and requires careful navigation across wide, steep, boggy and heathered terrain. Even with GPS we found ourselves struggling to make efficient progress; in the future I will be sure to avoid this route in favour of either completing the ridge or returning via the Corrie Hallie path.

ImageThe Bealach of An Teallach by Gregor Sinclair, on Flickr